Training on the Focus Four Hazards 2007-2008

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Training on the Focus Four Hazards 2007-2008

Focus on Safety Program

Training on the Focus Four Hazards

Whether you are a new apprentice or a seasoned journeyman, ongoing training is essential to assure a safe work environment in the fast-paced world of construction.

For 2007-2008, the SBCTC health and safety training program has taken on the four leading causes of worker fatalities in the construction industry, known as the Focus Four hazards. Our goal is to prevent fatalities due to falls, struck-by accidents, electrocutions, and caught-in accidents by increasing hazard awareness and teaching prevention strategies to all levels of workers in the construction industry.

In October 2007 we received a grant from federal OSHA and partnered with the U.C. Berkeley Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP) to develop a train-the-trainer (TOT) style curriculum and deliver classes in English and Spanish in northern and southern California.

The Focus on Safety program employs a variety of teaching techniques including a PowerPoint presentation, interactive exercises, case studies, guest speakers, and practice teaching to provide a comprehensive 2-day program. Each TOT participant receives a binder of materials that are designed to be used in several different training situations. For on-the-job training, we have developed Tailgate Training Guides, Walk-Around Safety Checklists, and hazard fact sheets. For apprenticeship programs and journeyman upgrade classes, the PowerPoint presentation is a great supplement to OSHA 10-hour training or may be used as a stand-alone safety course. You can access these materials by clicking on "Training Materials" in the Focus Four section of this website.

This year, we trained 75 trainers through the TOT program. They have used the Focus Four curriculum to train more than 600 workers as of mid-August, with more expected by the end of the grant year on September 30. We hope to receive a second year of funding from OSHA to continue our Focus on Safety program and extend this vital information to even more California construction workers. Check this website for updates about the program.

To obtain more information about our Focus on Safety program, call Laura Boatman, Program Coordinator at 916-443-3302 or email

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